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As the temperatures start to heat up, it’s clear that summer is approaching in Hillsborough County, FL. You want to ensure your HVAC system is ready to keep you comfortable. Here are six warning signs that you may need a new HVAC system.

Bad Odors

If there’s an unpleasant smell in your home and you suspect that it’s coming from your HVAC system, you may need a new system. You’ll have to deal with the matter as soon as possible before things get out of hand.

Luckily, a quick diagnostic visit from a professional will help you know whether your system needs a tune-up or you need to replace it.

If you smell an electrical or a burning smell, there’s a good chance that your system is overheating. Such electrical issues can occur with various components within your system, like the motor.

Since electrical fires are hazardous, you should play it safe here. Switch off the power to the HVAC system and reach out to a professional for assistance.

Unusual HVAC System Noises

Old HVAC systems often get louder with age. Most of them will make low-level noise when they shut down and as you switch them on. But if you notice loud, sudden or unusual noises, there’s a problem with your system.

Rattling or buzzing noises occur due to loose parts, and you can quickly fix the problem by either repairing or replacing the parts. Other sounds such as whistling and grinding noises signal something more serious.

During a maintenance service, your HVAC professional can will clean your system and do the necessary repairs. But if the noises persist after repairs, it may very well be time to replace your HVAC system.

Frequent HVAC System Cycles

Regardless of the weather, your HVAC system should go through regular cooling cycles. Although you can expect it to turn on frequently on the hottest days of the month, the process shouldn’t be continually on and off.

If you notice frequent cycles, your system may be failing. A tune-up can solve the issue, but your technician can assess and let you know if it’s actually time for a new HVAC system.

Increasing Energy Bills

When your monthly energy bills keep increasing without a change in your daily routine, consider getting an expert to check your HVAC system. Typically, your energy bills can increase as the seasons change.

However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be comparable to the previous year. A failing HVAC system is often the cause of rising energy bills.

Before you do away with your old system, call an expert to perform maintenance and repairs. In most cases, you can fix this inefficiency problem by replacing your HVAC system’s old parts.

Lots of Repairs

Many of your system’s parts are repairable and replaceable. But they will all eventually wear out and need replacement. When crucial components such as the motor, coil and compressor fail, replacing your system is usually better than repairing them.

This is because of the high cost of repair parts and labor. Instead of spending a lot of money on repairing your system’s components, invest in a new system. And after getting the system, be sure to schedule regular maintenance to extend its lifespan.

Increased Running Time

As your system gets old, you may notice that it takes longer to reach the desired temperatures and starts up more often. In most cases, this happens because of a failing blower motor or bad coils. If repair services fail to get your system back to its usual performance level, you’ll have to install a new HVAC system.

Our team of experts can help you improve your HVAC system’s function while saving you some bucks on your utility bills. What’s more, we can help you choose a system that suits your comfort needs and budget. Contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. today for air conditioning repair or replacement services.

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