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If your HVAC system is working fine, you may wonder why you need a yearly tune-up when it seems more cost-effective to skip it. But in the humid climate of Tampa and Spring Hill, FL, you’ll save more money and considerable headaches if you get that yearly HVAC check-up.

Keep Operation Costs Low

Your HVAC system will work best with yearly inspections. These inspections will find problems before they get too big; for example, you might just have to fix a minor compressor problem instead of replace the compressor. The inspections also keep your HVAC system from losing efficiency — which it will at a rate of five percent per year without regular maintenance. Not only that, your HVAC system will run for longer with annual tune-ups, meaning you won’t have to spend the serious money it costs for a total HVAC replacement.

Stay on top of Mold Control

Most Florida homeowners know that mold is a big issue in the Sunshine State, and your HVAC system has more to do with preventing mold than you think. Mold happily grows in places of high humidity; in order to prevent it from taking hold in your house, you need to keep your humidity levels below 50 percent. The closer you can get to 30 percent the better, and a good HVAC system is a great way to control humidity.

Mold contributes to health problems and can cause serious, expensive damage to the interior of your house. Imagine the cost of having an entire room ripped apart to get rid of mold inside your walls. Maintaining your HVAC system is much cheaper. Get an inspection to check for areas of condensation, standing water, or other wetness where mold could grow in your ducts. The technician will also check that the system is operating efficiently to ensure it’s keeping your humidity levels near 30 percent.

Considering you need the AC at least nine months out of the year in Tampa and Spring Hill, don’t let that HVAC inspection slide. Call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. Inc at 866-881-5935 today.

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