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As a resident of Hillsborough County, you know how hot and humid it can be during a Florida summer, and if you’re busy you probably need a way to adjust your A/C settings when you’re out of the house. Thankfully, there’s an app for that.

Wi-Fi Thermostat with App

Carrier makes a programmable thermostat with a wi-fi connection and an app. You can program your A/C for a seven-day span, and access the controls from the app. If you’re going to be gone for an unexpected length of time, enter “Quick Save” mode, which adjusts your system to change the temperature and save energy. The system also has the capability to tell you when you’re using the most energy. This is great for busy people who may not realize they’re using up energy cooling an empty house.

Tado° Cooling Intelligent AC Control

If you have a window A/C unit with a remote, at some point you probably want to install a new system with a programmable thermostat. But you’re busy, and until you’ve got the time to upgrade, you can control your A/C from this clever little device. It detects when people are and aren’t in the house and turns your A/C on and off accordingly. You can also control it from your phone. It is limited, however, by the kind of A/C you currently have, so you still should consider an upgrade to a better system.

Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat

Get the touch-screen version of Carrier’s programmable thermostat. It’s programmable quickly by touch, accessible by wi-fi, and you can change things from your mobile device and tablet. It’s also compatible with a number of existing HVAC systems, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of replacing a lot of equipment in your home just to achieve a more convenient thermostat setting.

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