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A heat pump is an excellent installation that can both heat and cool your Hillsborough County, Florida, home. Ideal for Florida’s warmer weather, heat pumps offer an efficient approach to home comfort — as long as they’re operating correctly. As with any heating and cooling system, however, your heat pump can run into occasional trouble. Here are some top indicators that something is amiss.

It Blows Room-Temperature Air

Your heat pump can deliver both heated and cooled air to your home. Check your thermostat settings to make sure it’s correctly set for the desired temperature. If you’re expecting cool air and getting a warm flow, or it’s set to heat and pushing out cooler air, your heat pump is in trouble. There should be a noticeable difference between the room’s temperature and the air you feel coming out of the vents.

You Never Achieve the Desired Temperature

Is your system running consistently but failing to hit your preferred comfort levels? If your thermostat never displays the same temperature it’s set to, your heat pump isn’t operating as it should. The problem may be a malfunction in the system or an improperly sized installation. Our professional technicians can deliver the right diagnosis so you can effectively fix the problem.

Strange Sounds Come from Your Equipment

When operating properly, your heat pump should be relatively silent. If you’re hearing any type of loud noise emitting from the system, it’s time to turn to a professional. Keep an ear out for strange sounds, and always schedule a repair as soon as possible when you notice something is wrong. Ignoring an off sound and waiting for it to get louder will only result in a more expensive and challenging fix when you call for help.

If you suspect your heat pump is in trouble, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935 for a prompt repair. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you pinpoint the problem and come up with a smart action plan to get your home cozy and comfortable again.

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