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Air ducts can account for a large percentage of energy usage when running the air conditioning in your home. By maintaining your HVAC system and keeping the air ducts in your Crystal River, Florida, home clean, you’ll save money on air conditioning costs by promoting clean air and properly functioning AC equipment.

Prevent Leakage

While your home may be tightly sealed to prevent cool air from escaping, leaky ducts can also allow air to escape, which raises your electricity bill. At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we will inspect your home’s air ducts to find if leaks are present. If we find a leak, we will clean the air ducts and seal them to prevent further leakage.

We use a patented Aeroseal duct-sealing technology that pressurizes escaping air, which allows polymer particles to stick to the edges of the leak. After sticking to the leak, these particles then stick to each other to create a tight seal around the ducts and prevent air from escaping. Indoor air quality experts at the Indoor Environment Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory tested this technology and found it to be an effective means for sealing air leaks.

Clean Your Air

Aside from saving money on electricity costs, cleaning your ducts will also make sure no contaminants enter your home through the duct system. Contaminants cause your system to work harder. This extra work increases your utility bills as your system runs more often to combat the Crystal River heat and keep your home cool and comfortable.

Help Equipment Last Longer

By keeping your home’s air ducts clean and free of contaminants, your equipment will last longer. Rather than having to install a new air conditioning system, we will maintain your ducts to keep them in working order. As a result, you’ll avoid having to buy new equipment for your home.

We at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. are ready to help you save money on your energy bill by inspecting and sealing your home’s air ducts. Visit our website or call 866-881-5935 to schedule a duct cleaning appointment today.

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