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The air inside your Ocala, FL home can have more pollution than the air outside. Dirty ductwork contributes to this problem. The following are four signs you can look for that indicate dirty ductwork.

1. High Energy Bills

An increase in the cost of your monthly energy bill can be a warning sign that you have a problem with your ductwork. This is especially true if there’s been no change in the weather or the fees your energy company charges.

The increase in cost could be due to dirty or leaking ducts. The HVAC system has to work harder and use more energy to compensate for this problem. The same is true for blockages in the ducts.

2. Dirty Ductwork Causes A Dusty Home

If you’re having to dust more frequently, your ductwork could be dirty. As the air travels through the ducts from your HVAC system to the rooms in your home, it can pick up dust. This is the excessive dust you’re noticing on hard surfaces.

3. You Did a Renovation Project

Renovation projects have a way of creating dust, which contributes to poor indoor air quality. This becomes a major issue as that dust finds its way into your ducts. If you don’t have someone clean the ductwork, the airflow will disperse that dust throughout your home.

4. You’re Experiencing Health Issues

If you’re experiencing an increase in allergy symptoms, consider how long it’s been since you had someone clean your Ocala, FL ducts. If the ductwork is the cause of your symptoms, a good cleaning should have you feeling better within a few weeks.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to have us clean your ducts. Contact Senica Air Conditioning to schedule your ductwork cleaning.

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