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shutterstock_155085074How efficient is your home cooling? Many homeowners think about cooling as a matter of turning on the air conditioner and cranking it until their home is cold, but there are many ways you can get that refreshing chill and reduce cooling costs by giving your A/C a boost.

Tips for Minimizing Cooling Costs

Use these seven tips to reduce cooling costs and still get away from the heat.

  1. Use exhaust fans and stand-alone dehumidifiers in problem spots like kitchens and bathrooms to remove excess humidity, which can slow heat loss from your body and help the air hold onto heat.
  2. Close the curtains, set up awnings or encourage green growing plants to shade windows. Letting the sunlight in increases the temperature of your home, meaning your A/C has to work that much harder to cool you.
  3. Maintain your air conditioner and upgrade to an efficient model when it’s time to switch. The initial cost of an upgrade may be higher, but in a hot climate like Tampa, the reduced day-to-day spending matters.
  4. Seal windows and ductwork. Leaky ducts allow cool air to escape into crawl spaces and structural pockets before getting to you. A leaky home means that hot air can come in and cold air can escape.
  5. Insulate the attic and walls of your home. insulation will keep your home cool as the temperature rises outside much like a cooler keeps drinks cold.
  6. Run a fan. The moving air will cool you down. Keep in mind, however, that fans cool people, not rooms, so turn the fan off when you leave.
  7. Install a programmable thermostat. You can save a lot by turning back your air conditioner when you’re out of the house, and a programmable thermostat makes that easy.

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