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If your HVAC system isn’t as efficient as it used to be, you may have a problem that needs to be addressed. Ductwork obstructions of one kind or another are one of the more common issues that may occur. Airflow can be negatively impacted when one or more of the ducts in your house has something in it, or is damaged.

Common Ductwork Obstructions

  • Something falls into a register: A common problem, especially in houses with younger children, occurs when something’s dropped into the register. This can be devastating if it’s the return duct, which brings conditioned air back to the unit. In this case, the whole house will lack airflow.
  • Deteriorating ductwork: There is an adhesive that holds your ductwork together. After a while, the adhesive can lose its stickiness and eventually stop holding altogether. When this happens, your precious conditioned air is escaping into a spot where it shouldn’t. 
  • Something falls on the ductwork: Sometimes, a large piece of insulation, wood or even a box from storage in the attic can fall onto your ductwork. This can cause an obstruction, or worse, break the duct completely, causing serious airflow problems. 

The Solution

If your home’s experiencing a lack of airflow due to a suspected ductwork obstruction, contact a qualified HVAC professional right away. If you’re having ductwork issues, you’re wasting money to condition air that isn’t even making its way to you. 

If your Tampa area home seems to be having some airflow problems, it could be due to ductwork obstructions. If any of your registers aren’t blowing air as strong as they used to, or for any other HVAC concerns, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. today. 

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