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You may think that you don’t have to worry about your HVAC system because it’s under warranty, but do you know what can void an HVAC warranty? If not, keep reading to make sure your HVAC system will be covered when you need your warranty the most. Here are some of the ways an HVAC warranty can be voided:

Failing to Register Your HVAC Warranty

Many companies require you to register your new HVAC system for the warranty to apply. When you get your new system, look for the warranty information immediately to make sure you don’t miss the deadline for registering it and lose coverage on your system.

Using Off-Brand Parts

If you end up having to pay for a repair yourself, you may find that the charge for parts is less if you don’t use parts from the original manufacturer.

Improper Installation

Installing a new HVAC system isn’t as simple as just plugging it in. Ducts need to be properly sized, electrical connections need to be adequate and safely connected, refrigerant levels need to be verified, and a number of other tasks must be performed just right to ensure that the system runs efficiently and without needless wear and tear. If the manufacturer determines that a problem was due to mistakes made by the installer, it won’t honor a warranty claim. Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Carrier factory authorized dealer and as part of that recognition, our technicians have received manufacturer’s training for installations.

Not Keeping Up With Annual Maintenance

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. Without it, its efficiency drops and parts wear out faster. Because preventive maintenance is so important, most manufacturers won’t honor a warranty claim if you haven’t kept up with it.

Not Having Records of Maintenance

Of course, the fact that you had regular maintenance performed isn’t going to go very far if you don’t have proof to back it up. Be sure to keep copies of all receipts in case the manufacturer asks for them, and if the warranty requires that specific work be done, make sure the receipt says exactly what was done. Want to make sure you keep your HVAC warranty valid? Contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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