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Your carpets can harbor a hidden world of dust, dirt, and allergens. Though you can’t see the buildup, most carpets contain years of pollutants and allergens. The wrong approach to carpet cleaning can actually make the problem worse, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. Use these tips to successfully battle carpet-bound allergens in your Inverness, Florida, home.

Stay Away From Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet carpet cleaning methods seem like a deep, thorough approach to problematic dust and dirt buildup in your carpeting. However, steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and similar cleaning methods are hazardous for people with allergies. Wet carpet cleaning dampens both the carpet fibers and the padding beneath. If these areas hold onto the water for too long, they become an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Wet carpet cleaning also uses a chemical detergent that can leave a sticky residue behind. This tacky substance will ultimately grab and hold onto more dust and dirt, defeating the purpose of your shampoo and cleaning in the first place.

Vacuum With a HEPA Filter

Though your home’s HVAC system probably isn’t equipped to handle a HEPA filter, you can purchase a vacuum cleaner with this type of highly efficient feature. HEPA filters can capture pollen, animal dander, and even tobacco smoke. They remove over 99 percent of airborne particles. Vacuum at least once or twice a week to eliminate irritants in a home with allergy sufferers.

Clean Up Your Air

Prevent future dust, dander, and other allergens from settling in your carpets by keeping the air clean. Change your HVAC filter once a month, invest in regular duct cleaning and sealing, and consider adding a whole house air purifier to the home. Have your HVAC system serviced annually to make sure the interior of your unit is clean as well.

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