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In Spring Hill, Florida, where homeowners are doing everything they can to stay cool this summer, a drafty attic is the last thing they need. Attics may be the ultimate storage area, but their poor ventilation may be costing you in higher energy bills. Attics often leak out the air that you need to cool your home, reducing the efficiency of your system and raising your energy costs. Here’s how poor attic ventilation means higher energy bills and what you can do to prevent it.

Drafty Attics and AC Efficiency

Since the attic is most likely the only part of your home where you can see the structure’s bare bones, you may already know where some of these air leaks are. Areas around plumbing pipes, outlets, wiring cables, and even the actual hatch into the attic are often not initially sealed as well as they should be. You can find leaks wherever there is excessive dust and dirt.

Improper sealing allows cool air from your home to seep into the attic while hot air from the attic leaks into your home. This heat transfer forces your air conditioner to work harder to compensate for the lost cool air, thus reducing your AC’s efficiency and causing your energy costs to rise.

Sealing Your Attic

Once you identify where air leaks are coming from, you can seal up your attic. Larger areas where air might be escaping, like the floor, can be covered by simple blanket insulation. Smaller leaks, like the ones around plumbing piping, can be sealed with some spray foam sealant. Apply some weather stripping around the hatch into the attic. If you have any recessed lighting, the chances are that air is escaping from around those as well, so buy some airtight cans.

Finding and sealing leaks in your attic will allow you to breathe easier and enjoy the summer with lower utility bills. For professional assistance in increasing your air conditioning’s efficiency and cutting energy costs, give Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. a call at 866-881-5935.

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