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All the parts of a packaged HVAC system come from the factory in one case for guaranteed quality and easier maintenance. These systems are cost-effective, and some Crystal River, Florida, homes and businesses use more than one unit. A packaged HVAC system can help you save money with easy installation and maintenance, lower utility bills, and more choices.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Packaged HVAC systems are assembled in a controlled indoor environment.  Since every system has only a single unit instead of an indoor and an outdoor unit like traditional systems, installation is faster and cheaper. Maintenance is also easier because your technician only has to look at one unit.

Lower Utility Bills

Since all the parts of packaged units are in the same place, they don’t have to work as hard as multi-unit systems. Some packaged HVAC systems circulate water over a heat exchanger or condenser to save even more energy for cooling. Most packaged units have the Energy Star logo which promises high efficiency and lower utility bills. Many businesses with large buildings use these systems to heat and cool for maximum savings.

Lots of Choices

Just like systems with indoor and outdoor units, packaged systems are available as heat pumps, gas systems, or electric units. Packaged HVAC systems make great supplemental units since adding one is more economical than modifying your existing central system. You can use a different thermostat to control each unit. That way, you won’t have to heat or cool an unoccupied area, and people in different areas can adjust the temperature to suit them.

Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 20 years of experience. We can help you install, maintain, and repair packaged systems and a variety of other HVAC equipment. Call us at 866-881-5935 for great service from our knowledgeable technicians.

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