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When you transition from summer to fall and into winter and spring, you expect your heating and cooling system to change smoothly as well. Although the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida area is temperate for the most part, you do need a dependable HVAC system you can count on.As a Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida area resident, you have excellent technicians available to assist you in keeping your heating and cooling systems in excellent condition. Your heating and cooling system runs at an efficient rate when tuned and in tip-top shape, and tune-ups allow you to count on the optimum levels of efficiency during operation. Air conditioning and heating repair tasks are also completed by technicians to get you back up and running when the system is not running quite right. There are three main maintenance tips to put into motion to prepare the unit for the seasonal changes. The technicians can perform these tasks in one scheduled periodic visit.1. Have your system tuned-up each year, especially before the heavier usage periods. Tune-ups allow the technician to pinpoint the areas that need to be adjusted and will keep the system operating at the efficient rate it was built for.2. Have the air duct system cleaned regularly, for health reasons and for keeping the air conditioning and heating repair calls to a minimum. When the ducts are filled with dust and dirt, you breathe these in, which can cause respiratory problems. The filter should be replaced every month and is a task you can perform easily on your own. Contact your technician if you do not know how to complete this task.3. Inspections should be performed by a technician at least once per year. Inspections allow time for the technician to get into the system and locate any problems that may be keeping your system below the efficiency level it should be at.

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