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Dust in your Spring Hill, Florida, home can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality and cause the air filter in your HVAC system to become clogged more easily. While regular dusting can help to reduce this, it is also important to pay attention to the areas in your home where dust may be hiding.

Bedding and Linens

Sheets, comforters, and pillows are the perfect place for dust to go undetected. You can reduce the dust in your bedding and linens by laundering them at least once a week. This includes guest bedding that you don’t regularly use, as it can still build up there.

Dust Under Furniture

While most people will give a quick dust on the tops of hard surface furniture such as tables, many people fail to address the bottom of furniture or underneath it. Move furniture when you sweep, and wipe down or vacuum the underneath of your furniture a couple of times a month.

Lamp Shades

Due to the style of many lampshades, it can sometimes be hard to see the any build-up on it. Wipe down your lampshades with a microfiber cloth as part of your regular routine.

Area Rugs

Area rugs not only trap dirt underneath them but also inside their fibers as well. You should always remove and clean beneath area rugs and make sure to vacuum your area rugs at least twice a week.

Dusty Air Vents

Dirt that travels through your ductwork can build up around your vents. When too much builds up, it will come loose and begin circulating in the air in your home. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment and gently remove the dirt from your ventilation grills during your regular vacuuming routine.

Help reduce heavy dust that can damage your indoor air supply by removing what may be hiding around your home. Contact us at 866-881-5935 today. One of our Senica Air Conditioning specialists will help you with all your indoor air quality needs.

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