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HVAC warrantyYour HVAC system is a major part of your Tampa area home. Keeping from voiding an HVAC warranty isn’t hard to do, but there are some things to keep in mind. 

Not Registering the Warranty 

Some manufacturers require that you register your warranty. If the warranty isn’t registered, it could reduce the length of time that your warranty is valid for or invalidate it altogether. 

Using Off-Brand Replacement Parts

Manufacturers can’t guarantee the quality of the parts that you receive from other manufacturers. While off-brand replacement parts are sometimes cheaper than parts from the manufacturer, they can void your warranty if they are installed. Some parts are expected to wear down over time, such as air filters and fan belts. 

Improperly Installed HVAC System 

Each manufacturer has guidelines for installing its system. If the installation guidelines aren’t followed, the warranty often won’t cover any repairs. This is because the guidelines are set with the specific system in mind, and improper installation can cause problems that wouldn’t occur if the system were properly installed. 

Lack of Annual Maintenance

Just like cars, HVAC systems require regular maintenance. Most warranties require that you have annual maintenance performed on your system, to keep it running properly. Performing annual maintenance helps keep you from voiding an HVAC warranty on your equipment. 

No Proof of Regular Maintenance

Without proof of regular professional maintenance, a manufacturer might decide to void the warranty. While you should be replacing air filters when necessary, yearly professional maintenance is required as well, and you’ll want to retain evidence that this has occurred. The bonus is that regularly replacing the air filter and having a qualified HVAC technician perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system will help extend the life of the system. Additionally not using a certified HVAC technician or plumber can have the negative side effect of voiding an HVAC warranty. 

For more expert information about maintaining your HVAC system and its warranty, or other home comfort related questions about your Tampa or St. Petersburg area home, please contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc.

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