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Older homes in Spring Hill, FL, have their charm of style and history, making them all the more intriguing. But, older homes pose a challenge when it comes to heating and cooling. Below, we highlight some common HVAC problems experienced in older homes.

1. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Our surroundings have various plants that bloom, releasing pollen into the air. Modern housing designs aim to ensure the windows, attic spaces and doors are properly sealed to prevent dust and pollen infiltration into the house, leading to respiratory problems, headaches and congestion. Older homes have gaps through which these irritants get inside the house, affecting the indoor air quality since the HVAC system can’t filter these impurities efficiently.

Similarly, modern structures have designs that allow them to achieve efficiency by allowing fresh air into your house and stagnant air to escape. When humid air finds its way inside, your older HVAC system overworks to maintain comfortable home conditions and thus utilizes more energy, causing a spike in utility bills. This is avoidable by replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones, regularly maintaining your HVAC system and changing the filters to improve indoor air quality.

2. Lack of Airflow

Ducts are essential in circulating air in your home to allow for even cooling or heating. Poorly designed ductwork or ducts made of materials that have deteriorated over time can adversely affect airflow within your home. Installing modernized duct systems that incorporate advanced technology will significantly improve airflow in your home.

Old ducts tend to fill with pet hair, dust and debris, which, if not addressed, get dispersed and circulated in your home. Therefore, all that you need is to reconfigure and redesign the way air flows by using clean and modern materials. Similarly, schedule regular cleaning to eradicate any blockages and enhance efficient airflow.

3. Aging HVAC Unit

HVAC units can last upwards of 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. However, at about 15 years, you’ll need to replace them. Aging units may need to cycle on and off more often, using more energy in the process and taking longer to heat or cool your home.

Proper maintenance saves you money and provides comfort in your home. Older units ultimately need replacement to avert unplanned repairs.

4. Leaky Ductwork

Over time, the seals and joints in the ductwork are susceptible to wear and may lose effectiveness. When that happens, it causes air leaks, leading to higher energy bills. Therefore, request an inspection of the ductwork by a professional to ensure the conditioned air is only filing the required rooms.

5. Outdated Thermostats

Modern thermostats have technological advancement that alters how your HVAC system reacts to external and internal temperature conditions or your set heating and cooling preferences. In addition, some thermostats are Wi-Fi controlled and accessible from your smartphone.

Old thermostats rely on basic features and are bound to cause frequent cycling and reduced heating and cooling efficiency of your system. Therefore, you should upgrade to a modern thermostat to enjoy the many benefits they offer, such as features that offer you better control of your HVAC settings. With the right settings, your HVAC system can achieve optimal energy efficiency and remain in a good working condition to serve you longer.

6. Lack of Zoning

In addition to older homes having outdated thermostats, they also happen to have a single thermostat responsible for controlling the temperatures for all sections of the house. Modern HVAC design allows you to designate zones with different controls, allowing you to control the cooling and heating of areas separately. Acquiring a ductless system with multiple indoor air handlers will enable you to enjoy zoning benefits.

If you have recently acquired an older home, you can rely on experts such as Senica Air Conditioning to address any HVAC problems you might be facing. We proudly offer top-notch heating repair and installation. Contact Senica Air Conditioning today to get reliable HVAC services.

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