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A heat pump system is essential to keep your home comfortable. When your heat pump works efficiently, it will heat and cool your home evenly and lower the operational cost. Inspecting your heat pump regularly will help you know if it has any issues; here are some signs of an inefficient heat pump in Crystal River, FL.

1. High Energy Bills

Energy bills take up a bigger percentage of your monthly bills, but it doesn’t have to be too high. Heat pumps offer efficient heating and cooling, and they don’t consume a lot of energy. When the heat pump has a problem, you’ll notice an increase in your monthly energy bills, which means you’ll need a professional to check the cause of the problem.

2. Regular Breakdowns

Heat pumps are durable, and with regular maintenance, they might serve you for 15 to 20 years with minimal issues. However, during its last years of serving, the heat pump becomes less efficient and might start breaking down regularly. Frequent repairs can be very expensive, and to avoid them, you will have to upgrade your system by either replacing the worn-out parts or purchasing a new heat pump system.

3. Poor Heating Control

With an efficient heat pump, you’ll be able to set desired temperatures on your thermostat, and the system will heat the house to those temperatures. However, when your heat pump becomes inefficient, it becomes hard to heat your home to desired temperatures, or the heat pump won’t be able to maintain the temperatures.

With poor heating, the issue might be repairable, or in other cases, it might be improper sizing. All you need to do is call a professional to inspect your heat pump system.

4. Strange Noises

As your heat pump system starts or stops, it might make some regular noise, but the heat pump system is fairly quiet when operating. Once you notice some strange noises coming from your heat pump system as it operates, it would help if you call out a professional to inspect it. Some of the noises that call for attention are grinding, screeches, rattles, bang and other unusual sounds.

5. Weird Odor

As your heat pump operates, it shouldn’t produce any odors. Should you notice weird odors from the heat pumps, odors that smell like burning plastic or rubber, you need to shut down your heat pump immediately.

Weird odors might mean electrical issues inside the system, which might be dangerous to your house. That’s why you need to call a professional immediately when you notice the odor.

6. Uneven Heating of the House

Your heat pump system has ductwork responsible for distributing the heated and cooled air in your house. When your heat pump system is inefficient, some rooms will be warmer than others, and other rooms will be cooler than others. Ductwork undergoes wear and tear due to corrosion caused by moisture, and uneven heating might indicate that your ductwork needs replacement.

7. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Other than heating and cooling your house, the filter in the heat pump also purifies the air that gets into your home. Indoor air quality is critical, and your heat pump system needs to filter any allergens, pollutants, pollen, specks of dust and debris from the air that circulates in your house.

When your households start complaining of allergic reactions, difficulty in breathing for those who are asthmatic, it’s an indicator of poor indoor air quality. Your system will need an inspection to check the cause of the inefficient filtration.

Heat pump systems need regular inspection to work effectively and efficiently. It would be best to schedule regular maintenance of your system and call a professional to check your system once you notice any signs of inefficiency. For services concerning your heat pump system, including installation, repair, maintenance and upgrading in Crystal River, FL, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Senica Air Conditioning.

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