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Smart thermostats allow you to take control of your home’s heating and cooling systems through an app on your smartphone or computer. Or, simply speak into a device such as the Alexa and your smart assistant will remotely activate your home’s cooling system. Listed below are some of the reasons you should consider purchasing a smart thermostat for your Spring Hill, FL, home.

1. They Help You Troubleshoot Problems

Not only can smart thermostats control your home’s HVAC system remotely, but they can also help you troubleshoot air conditioner and heating issues in your home. This is a huge benefit if you live in a warm climate where you must have a working air conditioner.

2. Regular Thermostats Are Harder to Manage

Unless you happen to be incredibly diligent when it comes to managing the standard thermostat, you’re wasting energy unnecessarily. It’s not your fault; most people simply set their thermostats every now and again. Because it can be difficult to remember to adjust the thermostat, purchasing a smart thermostat is a smart choice.

3. Learn More About Your Heating and Cooling Habits

On top of resolving cooling and heating issues, smart thermostats can help you better learn your heating and cooling behaviors over an extended period of time. Once you have a clearer idea of how you use energy in your home, you can start to streamline your energy usage in a more efficient manner.

4. Understand Your Finances With Ease

Speaking of streamlining the energy in your home, with a smart thermostat, you can streamline your finances as well. When you use a smart thermostat, you can receive monthly energy consumption reports to your device so that you can view where most of your money is going. Once you gain a better understanding of your finances, you’ll start to notice your energy bill gradually reducing each month.

5. Create Zones in Your Home

Smart thermostats can change heating, cooling, and ventilation in different areas of your home. With a smart thermostat, you can create names for each of these zones in your home and change them easily and effortlessly depending on your needs. This saves you time from having to manually set your thermostat to get to your optimum level of comfort.

6. Program Your Smart Thermostat to Your Schedule

You may have different temperature needs depending on the time of day as well as the overall climate in your location. For example, as the climate you live in gets cooler at night, you can set your thermostat to warm up during the night and then cool down slowly when morning comes. Or, if you are gone for work certain days of the week, you can set your thermostat to warm up your home for those days while you are gone and come back on for when you are home.

7. Alternate Between Heating and Cooling Systems

Smart thermostats are designed to automatically alternate between heating and cooling systems. After you’ve given your smart thermostat a sufficient amount of data, you no longer have to worry about switching between the two.

8. Balance Where Your Cooling and Heating Systems Go

In addition to automatic switching between the two systems, these thermostats have the ability to supply different areas of your home with different temperatures. This is especially useful when you have children or a spouse who likes room temperatures different from what you normally prefer. Standard thermostats cool down and heat up the entire house.

You can set zones for each area of your home depending on which areas you would like to keep warm and which areas you would like to keep cool. You can do this by having a different thermostat for each zone. The voltage output of your heating system will determine how you can create zones.

As you can see, purchasing a smart thermostat is an investment in your comfort and peace of mind. Smart thermostats not only allow you to be comfortable in your own home but provide that same level of comfort to your family with smart heating and cooling zoning. Give Senica Air Conditioning a call today and we will help you with any of your smart thermostat needs.

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