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During winter, dust and debris can accumulate around the cooling system while it sits idle. If you live in Spring Hill, FL, it’s essential to prepare your HVAC system for spring so that it’s clean and ready to go in the warmer months. HVAC Maintenance in spring is the primary way to keep your cooling system in good condition for summer.

Why Perform Spring HVAC Maintenance?

Taking good care of your heating and cooling system will reduce breakdowns and help you avoid expensive repairs when you need your cooling system most. Here are some of the benefits of regular maintenance:

  • The HVAC system will have an increased lifespan.
  • You’ll get better indoor air.
  • You can avoid frequent breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • You’ll reduce energy consumption, which will be reflected on your monthly bills.

There are a few important maintenance tasks to perform in spring. Heed the following maintenance tips to get the best performance out of your HVAC unit.

Clean the Whole HVAC System

Before even turning on the air conditioner for the first time, it is best to clean the HVAC system. Some areas to clean include the vents of the ductwork and the outdoor unit.

Prepare for the springtime by hiring an expert to clean the ductwork if they haven’t been cleaned in years. Cleaning the ducts will help improve your home’s indoor air quality. A homeowner should schedule ductwork cleaning at least every five to seven years. For this reason, a clean duct system is an advantage to people with allergies.

After winter, it’s also a good idea to clean around the outdoor unit too. In winter, branches, leaves and dust can accummulate on the outdoor unit. Clean the area to make it easy for the system to cool with low effort.

When cleaning the outdoor system, check for any areas with damage caused by winter weather. Call an expert if you notice anything usual.

Check the Filters During HVAC Maintenance

As a way of preparing for the springtime, you’ll want to replace the filters. Dirty filters make the HVAC system work extra hard, consuming a lot of energy. In addition, dirty filters affect the airflow and attract the growth of biological contaminants.

You might also want to change the filters from standard types to those with an electrostatic charge. An electrostatically charged filter attracts dust and traps it inside the filter. By improving the filters, you’ll get better quality air and improved system performance. Ask a professional if this is possible with your particular HVAC system.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

As a homeowner, you can reduce the cost of energy by installing a programmable thermostat. If you find yourself spending most of your time away from home, a programmable thermostat allows you to run the heating or cooling system only when you need to. Besides saving the cost of energy, you will extend your HVAC system’s lifespan since the system has less stress as it runs less often.

Replace Damaged Parts

Regardless of the quality of your HVAC system, at some point, it’ll need some repair work. Take advantage of the springtime to call an expert and inspect any damaged parts.

Inspect the Cooling System

During springtime, as temperatures start to rise, you can check your system by following these steps:

  • Set the thermostat at a lower temperature than the room temperature.
  • Wait for the system time to start.
  • Make sure there’s cool air coming out of the vents.
  • As the system is running, try to listen if it has weird noises.
  • If the AC isn’t functioning, call an expert for AC repairs.

Schedule Regular Tune-Ups and HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling tune-ups and maintenance visits is the top way to keep your HVAC system in good condition year-round. A certified expert can perform the necessary maintenance tasks, including tightening all the primary electrical connections. When the technician finishes with your spring maintenance visit, be sure to schedule the next one according to the technician’s recommendations.

As you prepare for the springtime, call Senica Air Conditioning to help you with your HVAC system maintenance. Our qualified technicians always provide excellent service and affordable repairs.

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