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AC problemsWhen temperatures are soaring this summer in the Tampa-Clearwater area, the last thing you want to experience is ac problems – especially a complete breakdown. Discover the four most common A/C problems you might have this summer and how you can prevent them before they become a real problem.

A/C Isn’t Cooling Adequately

You have the air conditioner cranked down, but your home is just not cooling off. There could be several A/C problems causing this situation.

  • First, during excessively hot weather, your air conditioning system may not be able to handle the added load. A/Cs do have a limit as to how much they can bridge the difference between very hot outside temperatures and your preferred indoor temps.
  • If the excessive heat is temporary, bear with it. If the Tampa area is having a record heat wave, on the other hand, you might just have to accept the fact that it’s going to be an uncomfortable summer.
  • If your home isn’t cooling and the weather isn’t hotter than usual, your air conditioner may be undersized for your home. The only way to know for sure is to have your system inspected by a professional.
  • If your A/C is the proper size and Tampa isn’t having a heat wave, you may need to take other steps to cool off your home. You can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner by adding insulation to your attic or purchasing insulated window drapes or shades to keep the summer heat out.
  • Finally, check the evaporator coil in your indoor A/C unit to make sure dirt and grime aren’t interviewing with the crucial heat-exchange process. If the air filter has become dirty, that can contribute to dirt build-up on your evaporator coil. Clean the coil yourself or call a professional to take care of your A/C problems by cleaning the coils so your air conditioner can work efficiently again.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling At All

If your air conditioner is running but no cool air is coming out, the problem could be located in the thermostat or your air conditioner’s condenser coil.

An old thermostat could have faulty wiring or other issues. A simple problem is that your thermostat may need cleaning. Dust builds up over time. Check to see if this is causing your A/C problems.

If your condenser coil is dirty, your system might be using up to 30 percent more electricity per month to run – even though you’re not getting air as cold as you’d like it. Check to see if your condenser coil needs cleaning. You can do this yourself or call a professional.

Air Conditioner Condenser Not Working

Your A/C condenser/compressor unit, the box outside the house in a split system, is a major component of your cooling system and can be a source of A/C problems. If compressor is not working, the A/C can’t cool your home. Your first steps to troubleshooting your condenser/compressor is to check the power going to it. Look to see if the unit is plugged in. Next, check for a circuit breaker that has been tripped or a fuse that has been blown.

If your condenser/compressor has power, make sure it’s clean and that nothing is blocking airflow to the unit, such as fending, shrubs, dead grass, weeds, or other debris in your hard. Remove any weeds or other plant growth from around the air conditioner. Next, turn the power to your air conditioning unit off. Using a garden hose, spray the condensing unit in an up and down pattern. Your condenser/compressor should be cleaned this way once yearly.

Air Conditioner Unit Turns Off and On

Although annoying, this could also be a quick fix to common A/C problems. When your cooling system shuts off and on repeatedly, it may be due to a dirty condenser or evaporator; one or more rooms that have been closed off, a dirty air flitter, or just an oversized A/C system. Call a professional to scope out the situation.

Still Having Problems?

If you are still experiencing A/C problems such as inadequate cooling, not cooling at all, or the system shutting off and on repeatedly, and you have taken the recommended steps, it’s definitely time to call the professionals.

Operating your air conditioning system when it’s not working properly can lead to higher utility bills or to costly damage that may require a complete replacement. Before this happens, have professionals give your system a complete checkup to get it up and running and solve your A/C problems. For further questions or advice, please visit our website or contact us at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc

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