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If your heater isn’t working properly, you’ll need a repair or replacement to keep your home comfortable. Replacing your heating system gives you an opportunity for an upgrade with additional features. It can improve your indoor air quality, save energy, and reduce your maintenance costs. It can also increase the value of your Spring Hill, Florida, home. Here are some of the most common signs you could need a repair or replacement for your heater, along with the benefits of each choice.

High Utility Bills

If your power bills are higher than they were in previous years, a repair may solve the issue. You could have a common problem such as a dirty air filter, leaks in your insulation or ductwork, or a malfunctioning thermostat. A clogged air filter reduces your system’s airflow, forcing it to work harder. You should check your filter and change it if needed. Leaks can also cause your system to work harder by letting air escape, and many types of insulation become compressed and less effective over time. Pests can also create holes.

The experts at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. can seal your ducts to remove leaks there, as well. If your thermostat isn’t accurate, it could waste energy by keeping your furnace on too long. If you haven’t upgraded to a programmable thermostat, we highlight recommend it.

Unusual Noises

Your HVAC system should be relatively quiet. Loud pops, banging, or grinding noises are usually signs of trouble. An unusual noise could be due to a minor problem such as a loose screw or a sign your system’s fan or compressor is about to fail. You may hear a few pops from your ductwork changing temperature as your heater runs, but they shouldn’t impact your HVAC system. However, rattling from your ductwork often indicates a leak that could waste energy. Buzzing or scratching noises could mean you have pests in your ductwork and you need duct cleaning.

If the noises are loud or they happen frequently, have your system checked immediately. Screeching or grinding sounds often mean you need a major repair or a new system. Have your ducts and your HVAC system inspected at the same time to find any hidden problems.

An Older Heater

Most heaters last about 15 years. If your furnace is older than 15-20 years, replacing it will help you save energy. Even if your system works well now, it’s wise to prepare for a new one in the next couple of years. If you have an issue, it may be wiser to invest in a new system rather than pay a large repair on an old system. Replacing it will also prevent a sudden breakdown and let you choose the most convenient time for an expert to visit you.

When a repair is needed on a heater or air conditioner that is nearing the end of its lifespan, if the repair will cost more than 50% of a new system, we would recommend the investment in a new system. There is little reason to repair a heater or air conditioner that you’ll need to replace soon. If you go ahead and have a new HVAC system installed, you will also avoid an inconvenient, uncomfortable breakdown. You’ll also have plenty of time to consider your options and find out the best new heater for you, with all the features you’re looking for.

A Yellow Pilot Light

Some gas furnaces have pilot lights that stay on constantly. The flame should be blue. If it’s yellow or orange, it’s not getting the oxygen it needs to burn hot enough. Incomplete combustion is less efficient, and your pilot light could go out more often. It might also produce carbon monoxide. The most common cause of a yellow pilot light is an air intake valve that’s clogged with dirt or dust. The repair is quick and easy, but you shouldn’t use your heater until it’s fixed to avoid safety issues.

Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with 26 years of heating repair experience. We can help you keep your system working well and replace it when needed. For more information about whether a repair or a replacement is best for you and your family, call us anytime at 866-881-5935 for outstanding, quality service from our friendly technicians.

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