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Carrier air conditionerIn almost any room, there are any number of ideal places for your ductless unit. That kind of flexibility is one of the great advantages of a ductless mini split air conditioner. Because they’re not dependent upon pre-existing ductwork, these units allow a lot of leeway in placement. However, there are still general guidelines for location that should be observed during installation to optimize ductless efficiency and performance.

Indoor Air Handler

The wall-mounted unit should be positioned to disperse air equally to the entire room. Because regular maintenance, particularly air filter cleaning, will be required, make sure the unit can be accessed without moving heavy furniture or other inconveniences.

Mount the indoor unit to an exterior wall within 50 feet of the location of the heat pump unit outside. It should be at least two inches lower than the ceiling and three feet from a television or home entertainment furniture. Keep in mind that you’ll need to make a three-inch hole in the wall nearby to feed the refrigerant conduit to the outdoor unit.

Outdoor Heat Pump

This unit typically weighs about 120 pounds and can be attached to the exterior wall with brackets or secured to a concrete pad or concrete blocks placed on the ground. For best heat transfer performance, find a location out of direct sunlight, and avoid placing the unit where proper air circulation into and out of the heat pump vents will be obstructed by shrubbery.

If the heat pump will be mounted on the exterior wall, there must be at least 20 inches of open clearance above it and the stand-off mounting brackets should allow at least four inches between the unit and the wall.

For more advice on choosing ideal places for your ductless unit, check out Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.’s ductless mini split solutions or call 866-881-5935.

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