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An important consideration for homeowners who want to maintain a comfortable and budget-friendly home is to have an HVAC system that focuses on energy efficiency. If you’re considering replacing your current energy-sapping system in Brooksville, Florida, consider the advantages of a ductless system.

About Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

A ductless system has three major components: an outdoor unit, a wall-mounted indoor unit, and a remote control. That’s all it takes to significantly reduce your electric bill making the cost of operation much less than that of a traditional HVAC system. With a maintenance plan, your ductless system can last for years.

Mini-Split Versus Multi-Split

A mini-split system is ideal for heating and cooling an area or single room. The system has an evaporator, which is the air-handling unit for inside and a compressor/condenser situated outside.

A multi-split system will allow you to have separate multiple indoor systems that you can place in select rooms. Some systems come with as many as nine units for larger homes. One compressor has the ability to power all units. Multiple units installed in specific rooms allow you to control each room by using a single remote. It also means you’re in control of which units are heating or cooling. This is a money-saver since you won’t use electricity to heat or cool rooms that aren’t in use.

Places to Install a Ductless System

There are several ways to use a ductless system, depending on the type of system that’s currently in your home. If you use baseboard heating, wall systems, a wood stove, or space heaters, a ductless system can either replace those systems or can at least supplement them.

For example, you could install a single-zone system that would cover the main living area of your home. You then would leave the alternate heating system such as a space heater in place to cover the other rooms, such as the bathrooms and bedrooms.

If you’re thinking of adding a room to your home or converting an attic into a work or living space, a ductless system is cost-effective. Not only will the system keep the new addition at a comfortable temperature, you can avoid the expense of extending your current HVAC system.

If you’re buying a new-construction home in Brooksville, you can opt to have a single-zone or multi-zone system installed during the building process. When you move in, your home will have the proper equipment to ensure your family’s comfort day and night.

Temperature Control

Temperatures in Brooksville run the gamut from sizzling summers and moderate spring days to pleasant fall days and winters that can occasionally reach the freezing point. With a ductless system, you have the ability to flip from cooling to heating whenever or wherever it’s necessary.

Benefits of a Ductless Split and Multi-Split System

Split and multi-split systems offer a variety of benefits, beginning with lower energy costs. The system is easier to install than a traditional HVAC system, so it uses less labor, meaning you’ll save money. In most cases, a professional can install these systems in just one day.

A traditional HVAC system has ductwork running throughout the home. The ducts are susceptible to damaged seams, cracks, and dirt and dust buildup that can clog them. Multi and split systems do not lose energy due to these issues.

When you have a ductless system installed, the indoor units are placed high and flush against the wall, so they won’t take up much space. The systems are designed to be small enough to fit with your home’s decor but large enough to evenly disperse warm or cool air.

At Senica Air Conditioning, we know what it means for you to have a comfortable home. With this in mind, our goal is to provide the right system that is both effective and energy-efficient. Give us a call today at 866-881-5935 and let our qualified and friendly staff help you make the right decision when choosing a ductless HVAC system.

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