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Air ducts play a vital role in the delivery of cold air to your home during the hottest days of summer in Ocala, FL. When your air duct system is properly sealed, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and safer home as well as lower energy bills throughout the summer.

Why Should You Have Your Ducts Sealed?

You want your home to be as comfortable as possible during the summer. Making sure your air ducts have been sealed is one of the best ways to ensure that your home is always cool when you most need it to be. Well-maintained ducts are a crucially important part of having your HVAC system function as expected.

There are several good reasons to consider air duct sealing, and reduced energy costs are high on the list of potential benefits for homeowners to take advantage of. Some of the other reasons to contact our professionals for air duct sealing include the following.

Less Energy Loss

According to Energy Star, homes can lose as much as 20% of their energy due to leaks in the duct system. One of the most frustrating things about energy loss is your system having to work harder to meet your needs as well as delivering cool air unevenly throughout your home.

An energy-efficient system will do its job best when it performs as expected. The upfront cost of sealing the ducts will pay off in reduced energy bills as less energy is lost through leaks. In addition, your home will be more evenly cooled for your comfort.

Better for the Environment

Because electricity in some areas come from fossil fuels, using your air conditioning system contributes to fossil fuel consumption. Generating less energy overall is better for the environment. When your ducts are sealed and not leaking, there will be less possible pollution.

Much Better Air Quality

One of the most frustrating problems that many people encounter with leaky air ducts is dust, pollen, and particles from insulation and chemicals. These pollutants decrease the overall air quality and can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. When ducts are properly sealed, there is nowhere for these particles to enter.

Greater Household Safety

If you have any gas-powered appliances in your home, such as water heaters or dryers, their normal operation results in combustion gases, such as carbon monoxide, that can be released through the ventilation systems. However, ducts that leak can draw the gases back into your home. This hazard, known as back-drafting, carries a greatly-reduced risk when your ducts have been sealed.

Better System Longevity

When your system works more efficiently because of fewer leaks, it will not have to work as hard to cool your home properly. You’ll enjoy fewer repairs because parts will not wear out nearly as quickly. When you eventually need to replace your system, having air ducts that work properly will help everything run more efficiently.

How Does the Sealing Process Work?

When you have our professionals seal your air conditioning ducts, you’ll have the assurance of a better-functioning system with fewer leaks. You don’t have to think about going through the whole summer in an uncomfortable house because the sealed ducts will promote even cooling throughout your home.

When you contact us about duct sealing, we will use up-to-date technology to address any leakage issues in your duct system. After we have found areas that have leaks, we will close up the holes or other damage that has occurred. As a result of duct sealing, the cold air stays in the ducts and cools your home more efficiently.

We offer a full range of air conditioning maintenance services in addition to air duct sealing. Regardless of your needs, we will see to them with maximum efficiency.

Contact Senica Air Conditioning for all of your air duct sealing needs. We will provide the service that you need with the professionalism that you expect.

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