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You may know to avoid going outside when the air quality is poor in Inverness Florida, but what do you do when that pollution is within the walls of your home? Reduce indoor air pollution in your home by cutting it off at these common sources.

Lack of HVAC Maintenance

That’s right, professional HVAC maintenance is about much more than repairing worn-out components or improving energy efficiency. As your HVAC system wears, it may become less effective at moving air throughout your home and ventilating your living space. These problems can cause your air to go stale and can exacerbate the effects of other pollutants in your air that the system would normally filter. Professional HVAC maintenance guarantees that your system is moving air as it should and cleans the interior of the unit, further cutting indoor air pollution.

Chemical Cleaners and Scents

Just because your air smells clean doesn’t mean it is. In fact, many of the synthetic fragrances used in air fresheners, perfumes, and deodorizers contain chemicals known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals may smell nice, but they’re toxic and can lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and even dangerous illnesses. Some of your household cleaning products and paints are likely to have these chemicals as well, though often in less concentration. Still, using those cleaners can cause skin and throat irritation and headaches. When possible, turn to more organic cleaning methods instead.

Outdoor Contaminants

It’s possible that some of the factors causing your indoor air pollution started outside. As you and your family come and go, you could be bringing in pollen, viruses, bacteria, and other hazardous particles that hitch a ride on your airflow. Your pets may also bring in such particles on their fur. To mitigate the spread of these contaminants, remove your shoes when you enter the home and clean your clothes, your pets, and your fabrics (bedsheets, blankets, etc.) often.

Target indoor air pollution at its sources and you’ll build a healthier home for you and your loved ones. For a professional hand tackling indoor air pollution, call Senica Air Conditioning at 866-236-7419.

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