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Throughout your home’s HVAC system are air filters designed to filter out dirt and debris, preventing it from getting in the air and in your lungs. The heat pump filter in your Citrus County, FL, home is vital because of its location near the heat pump’s air handler. The following are three negative effects that occur if your heat pump filter gets clogged.

Allergy and Asthma Flare Ups

A clogged air filter prevents clean air from circulating in the home. It is either too blocked to spread air at all or the dirt caught in it gets in the air. Debris in the air from a bad air filter causes issues for sufferers of asthma or allergies to dirt, dust, and pollen.

Increased Energy Bills

If your HVAC system becomes blocked by dirty filters, the pump will have to work harder to push hot air. This hard work leads to an increased amount of energy usage each day. You will see this represented by an increase in your monthly utility bills.

An Uncomfortable Home

A clogged HVAC system can prevent the home from becoming warm or cool enough. In some cases, the distribution of conditioned air can become spotty as well. If you are noticing your home doesn’t seem to be getting as comfortable as it used to, dirty heat pump filters could be the root of your problems.

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