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When a heat pump works to keep your home in Spring Hill, FL warm during the winter, it should produce no more than a barely audible hum plus some clicking when the system first turns on or shuts down. Anything more should concern you. Here’s some information about three unusual heat pump sounds and their likely sources.

1. Banging

Because of their abrasive nature, banging noises coming from your heat pump will probably get your attention immediately. By far the most likely cause of this noise is some sort of fan-related issue, though a few other explanations are possible.

Chances are that the fan blades on one of your system’s fans have come loose, causing them to strike something in the surrounding area. If the blades themselves are in the right position, then maybe some object is inside your heat pump that shouldn’t be there and is blocking the blades. If you hear a banging noise, turn off the heat pump right away and request professional service.

2. Bubbling or Gurgling

These are the signature noises of heat pumps that are low on refrigerant. Heat pumps tend to make such noises once the refrigerant leaks out of the refrigerant lines, making room for air to enter. That air forms bubbles.

If your system is low on refrigerant, its performance will almost certainly decline noticeably. Since refrigerant is dangerous, don’t try to fix this problem by yourself. Ask one of our trained HVAC technicians to do it for you while making repairs or performing maintenance.

3. Rattling or Vibrating

Rattling or vibrating noises can be similar to banging sounds but are softer. Most commonly, your heat pump’s cover panel is simply loose, and you need to screw it into place tightly.

Let your ears be your guides to any problems that might afflict your heat pump. If you notice anything unusual, call our team at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. in Spring Hill, FL to schedule HVAC services.

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