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Having a properly working HVAC unit not only ensures a comfortable Pasco County, Florida, residence, but it also helps you protect your family’s health. Many people are unaware that an improperly operating  heating and cooling system can lead to serious illnesses. Find out how a faulty HVAC unit can circulate dust, clog your home’s air ducts, and cause mold to develop inside the unit.

Dust Accumulation Can Lead to Breathing Problems

Dust accumulates through many ways, especially during home renovations. This dust gets into your heating and cooling system and circulates throughout your home, causing breathing difficulties and mucous membrane irritations.

Additionally, air ducts in your home may become clogged, which can reduce their performance. Many areas of an HVAC unit need the proper amount of air flow. Restricting the airflow can cause a unit to work that much harder. Neglecting the problem could cause your heating and cooling system to freeze up or stop working altogether.

Faulty HVAC Units Can Cause or Irritate Respiratory Illnesses

Condensation can easily form within any HVAC unit, especially when you’re running the air conditioner. Condensation forms in the coils and ducts of your air conditioning unit from dripping water. As the droplets settle, these droplets can invite mold growth, a serious hazard to your health. Mold itself has a large impact on chronic respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and asthma.

Unhealthy Indoor Air Can Cause Headaches

If your heating and cooling system is not properly maintained, chances are that mold and other bacteria could be growing inside the unit and spreading throughout your home’s air. Too much exposure to mold can cause headaches and migraines. That’s why a professional HVAC maintenance service visit can ensure proper airflow through your heating and cooling system.

Dust, clogged air ducts, and mold can decrease the indoor air quality of your home. Having a properly maintained heating and cooling system can prevent many health issues. Our Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. HVAC technicians can discuss the best solutions to keeping your HVAC unit working properly. Call us today at 866-881-5935.

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