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You can implement several good habits to keep your Pinellas County HVAC unit running efficiently throughout the year. Not only can these habits secure your home is always comfortable, they can also help you save money.

Regularly Changing Filters

One of the most important habits to keep so you can better maintain your HVAC system is regularly changing the filters. As dirt and dust accumulate in the filter, it makes it harder for air to pass through. This causes your system’s motor to work harder, which raises your energy bill and increases the chances that it will overheat and stop working. At a minimum, you want to get into the habit of changing your filters every three months. If you have pets or use your system frequently, consider changing your filters once a month.

Make Your House Work Smarter

You don’t have to turn to your thermostat each time you want to make the temperature in your house more comfortable. Instead, get into the habit of making environmental changes in your home to make it work smarter. When you want to cool your house in the summer, close the curtains in south-facing windows to block heat from the sun. You can also turn on the ceiling fan in the room you’re in. In the winter, you can naturally warm your house by opening your curtains and letting the sunlight in.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs maintenance to make sure it operates at full capacity. Some maintenance you can take care of on your own. When you’re cutting grass and weeding, make sure you trim all the landscaping at least 2 feet away from your unit. For system checks you can’t handle, be sure to schedule preventative maintenance to catch small problems before they get bigger.

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