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These days, the word “hybrid” seems to be synonymous with “efficient,” and being efficient, especially in the Ocala, Florida, climate, means saving money. A hybrid system, which combines the power of a fuel-powered system with the efficiency of an electric-powered heat pump, just may save your budget. How is this killer combination going to save you money?

Efficiency in Extremes

You’ve probably heard about a lot of people opting into buying a heat pump, which they use to completely replace the HVAC system in order to save money. In Florida, however, the heat pump may not work as efficiently on its own because they simply don’t operate as efficiently in either a hot or cold extreme.

A hybrid heating system still has the efficiency you’re looking for, cutting the cost of your utility bill, but combined with a fuel-powered system, it has the power to keep you comfortable in those extremes. When the temperature changes too much for the pump to handle, the other half of the system kicks in.

Energy Consumption

Since the fuel-powered system is combined with a heat pump in a hybrid heating system, it takes much less to operate the system. While a hybrid system may cost more to install (since you have to basically have two systems installed), the money you’ll save in utility costs will pay off that in no time. The hybrid system maximizes fuel efficiency, so you’ll be much happier with your utility bill.

Efficient Comfort

With winter here, that cool, wet, Florida rain may prompt you to turn on the furnace. Heating a home can cost a lot, and homeowners often find their furnace making it almost too hot. The hybrid heating system fixes the issue. When the temperature is above 40 degrees outside, the heat pump will draw from the outside air, saving money on fuel, and providing a constant, comfortable flow of heat rather than the bursts of greater heat given by the furnace.

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