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An HVAC system is something you count on to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer in Brooksville, Florida. Of course, not every technician is the same, and not every tuneup is equal. So what exactly can you expect from a service visit? Let’s look at the most important things to expect during an annual HVAC tuneup, what’s included, and where you can find professional service in the area that you can trust.

Things to Expect During an Annual AC Tuneup

There are three things to expect during an annual AC tuneup: inspecting the system, testing the system, and maintaining any elements that need it.

Inspecting the System

Your tuneup begins with a thorough inspection of your HVAC system. The inspection includes calibrating your thermostat, inspecting the filters, making sure the fan moves freely, and assessing the functionality of all safety controls. The technician checks the refrigerant levels, condensate drains, electrical connections, and the area around the equipment. It means ensuring insulation is in place, there are no leaks, and all connections are solid.

Testing the System

Next, the technician will turn the system on and run it to be sure that it’s functioning as it should. They will make sure that there are no hiccups in the system, the air flow is strong and steady, and the temperature maintenance and thermostat work just as they should.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The technician will also replace filters, tighten connections, check the electrical flow, and be sure that it’s all properly lubricated. They will clean the condensate drain and ensure everything is clean and clear of debris, corrosion, and other issues.

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If you’re in need of system maintenance, call Senica Air Conditioning at 866-881-5935 for an appointment today. We’ll cover all the things to expect during an annual AC tuneup and go the extra mile to ensure that your system keeps you warm and cool as needed for many years to come.

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