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Comparison shopping has become the most trusted way to buy a product or invest in a service. You want to know your options before you pay, especially when it comes to your home. If you’re shopping for HVAC contractors in Pasco County, Florida, follow these three tips.

Compare Length of Time in Business

A company with a long track record in Pasco County might offer a better solution than an outfit that just got its business license last week. After all, you want to know the company has been sufficiently successful to remain in business through good and bad times. 

While length of time in business doesn’t serve as the most important qualification, it’s often an indication of quality. Business owners that cheat their customers or charge exorbitant prices usually go out of business before they can gain traction in the community.

Check Out Service Offerings

A full-service HVAC company will prove more valuable than a company that only offers a few services. For instance, maybe your AC’s refrigerant line springs a leak this month, and next month you discover your ducts need repairing. If you build a long-term relationship with the same company, you’ll have more confidence in its staff’s abilities.

You can also check out the products each company recommends. Look for well-regarded brands such as Carrier, which has won many awards and proved itself capable of producing top-notch HVAC appliances. You don’t want your HVAC company to install a substandard product in your home.

Ask About Paperwork

Legitimate HVAC companies care just as much about paper trails as you do. They submit written estimates and invoices with itemized lists so you understand exactly what you’re getting. If a company won’t give a written estimate or doesn’t have a contract for you to sign, walk away.

Don’t just pick a name out of the Google listings when you need an HVAC provider. Instead, use these tips to compare several companies. To learn more about our professional technicians, call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935.

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