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All homeowners in Florida know the importance of a properly functioning air conditioning system, but few know how to keep them running forever. However, by doing some DIY routine maintenance, along with getting an annual check, you’ll never have to worry about your AC giving out. Well, never is a long time, so here are a few tips on how to make sure your air conditioning system has a long lifespan.

Replacing Air Filters

Believe it or not, replacing your air filter actually prolongs the life of your air conditioner. Over time, debris builds up in the old filter, causing the AC to run constantly to keep up with demand. Therefore, it’s important to replace the filter about every 30 days to keep it clean from dust and dirt. You might also consider a washable filter, which is a more affordable choice in the long run.

Schedule Routine Maintenance Checks

Unless you’re an HVAC technician, you probably don’t know all the different components of an AC unit. That’s why you should schedule regular maintenance checks or sign up for a maintenance plan. This helps the AC to function far more efficiently by cleaning the outside unit and indoor components. It also keeps your home air quality at an optimum level year-round and prevents costly repairs in the future.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

If you have the know-how, you can turn off the AC at the power source and gently wash it out with a hose; however, it’s often easier to call a professional. A simple way for even a novice to help the air conditioner run better is to remove all debris from around the outdoor unit. This means pulling weeds, trimming trees, and removing any debris around the AC. This allows an increased airflow into the system and lessens the chance for contaminants to enter the home.

Keeping your AC running forever isn’t hard work. But it does require commitment to performing maintenance a couple of times a year. If you already have an older unit, you might think about upgrading to a more efficient one. That’s where the people at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. come in. Call us today at 866-881-5935 to schedule an appointment.

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