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floor air vent Three of the ways that some homeowners use to lower energy bills can actually drive up the cost of keeping a home comfortable. Because heating and cooling costs absorb about half of the energy budget, it’s easy to understand why saving energy is crucial. For optimal savings and system performance, avoid these practices.

Blocked Registers

It’s tempting to close off a room you’re not using, cover up a return register that’s not attractive, or inadvertently block a register. However, when you block a supply or return register, you interfere with the amount of air flowing to and from the HVAC system. Closing off a room entirely puts too much pressure on the ductwork and can result in leaking ducts that drive up energy costs far beyond any money saved by closing the room off.

The better option for controlling the temperature in rooms you seldom use is to install a zoning system that won’t stress your HVAC system. These systems individualize the temperature control throughout your home and will lower energy bills year-round.

Thermostat Placement

Placing a thermostat in area where it’s warmer or colder than elsewhere in the home will increase energy bills. The thermostat controls the HVAC system and it’s placed near a sunny or drafty location, your system will run when it isn’t needed.

Air Filter

The air filter for the air handler keeps your HVAC system clean, but if the filter gets too dirty or is the wrong type, it can increase energy costs a good deal. A dirty filter slows the airflow going through the air handler, forcing your system to run longer to match the air temperature to the thermostat’s setting. A clean filter will lower energy costs.

A filter that’s too dense has the same effect. Before replacing the filter, check the owner’s manual or contact your HVAC pro to learn the best filter for your system.

The pros at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., Inc. have been helping homeowners lower energy bills in the Clearwater area since 1992. Please contact us today to learn more about getting the most efficiency from your HVAC system.

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