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Short cycling is when a heat pump fails to complete a heating cycle and keeps shutting off repeatedly. Short cycling increases the stress on your system, which is why you should address the issue promptly. Here are four reasons your heat pump is short cycling in Ocala, FL.

1. Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

One of the most common reasons behind your heat pump’s short cycling is inaccurate thermostat readings. Your thermostat may fail to read the temperatures correctly due to its placement. The device should be away from direct sunlight or ambient heat sources such as the cooker or electronic appliances.

A malfunctioning thermostat may cause the system to keep turning on and off. You can check the batteries and replace them if necessary. Consider consulting a certified heat pump technician for replacement in Ocala.

2. Severe Airflow Restrictions

Another simple explanation is that airflow restrictions are preventing the system from completing a cycle. Make a point of changing or replacing the filter at least every three months or more frequently, if needed. Also, schedule a tune-up annually to find faults before they cause a total system failure.

3. A Faulty Electrical Board

The control board signals the heat pump to start and controls most of your equipment’s functions. Therefore, it won’t coordinate the heating cycle correctly when it’s defective. As such, your heat pump will keep turning on and off at irregular intervals.

The electrical board is a critical component of your heat pump. A certified technician has the requisite skill to fix the electrical system while complying with safety protocols. Contact Senica Air Conditioning for dependable services in Ocala.

4. Incorrect Sizing and Installation

An oversized system can compromise the function of your heat pump, forcing it to turn on and off to prevent overheating. Calculating the heating load is therefore crucial for your system’s performance.

A professional heating technician has to consider many other variables besides the square footage of your home. The quality of installation will impact the comfort, energy efficiency and longevity of your heat pump.

For optimal efficiency, address issues such as thermostat failure and airflow restrictions. Consider consulting a qualified professional for repair services. Senica Air Conditioning offers trusted heating repairs in Ocala.

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