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When a heat pump functions correctly, it shouldn’t make loud or strange noises. These often indicate an underlying problem that you should address before it causes a system breakdown. Talk to expert technicians in Pasco County, FL for heat pump repair if you hear any of these strange noises.

1. Loud Metal Banging

Common culprits of a loud metal banging noise include fan issues, loose components or foreign objects that hit the fan blades. Turn off the system and call an expert to discover the cause of this strange noise. A licensed HVAC technician will inspect the heat pump and repair it if necessary to protect the motor, fan and other components.

2. Hissing Noise

A refrigerant leak reduces the refrigerant levels in your heat pump, causing a loud hissing noise. The issue requires a certified technician to fix the leaks and top up the refrigerant levels. It’s advisable to seek prompt repairs from an accredited heating pro if you hear a loud hissing noise.

3. Gurgling and Buzzing Sounds

Heat pumps produce a gurgling sound when they’re low on refrigerant. Faulty coils or contacts often produce a buzzing sound, while grinding noises originate from dirty motor bearings. Luckily, a trained HVAC technician can handle all these issues to protect your heat pump from a premature breakdown or high energy bills.

4. Humming Noise

While heat pumps make humming noises as they operate, the sounds shouldn’t be too loud. Common culprits of a loud humming heat pump noise include a malfunctioning fan motor, an electrical problem or a faulty component. Whatever the issue, an experienced HVAC professional can assist.

You can avoid most of these noises by scheduling regular maintenance. Our experts clean, inspect and tune-up the equipment for optimal performance. Call our professionals at Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. to help with maintenance agreements and repair services.

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