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Most people understand the value of preventive maintenance, especially when it comes to their vehicles. Regular oil changes and fluid flushes are no problem, but maintaining the HVAC system in your home is another story. If your air conditioner is exhibiting any of these signs in your Spring Hill, Florida, home, it’s probably time for a tuneup.

Electric Bills Are Rising

When your bill is suddenly higher one month than it was the previous month, it could be an indicator that something isn’t working properly. Think back on the weather and conditions during that month. If it was hotter than usual, it could be a normal fluctuation, but if not, bring in an expert to determine why it costs more to operate.

Strange Sounds

As the air conditioner kicks on, it’s normal to hear the sounds of air flowing through the system and the hum of the motor. But loud clanking or banging sounds when it first turns on can indicate a problem inside the unit, and having a technician check it out can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. You could also notice that your AC unit is running louder than it has in the past, which also warrants an inspection.

It’s Not Efficient

When you lower the temperature on your thermostat, you expect that the AC will be able to keep up and drop the temp in your home. But if you find yourself continuously adjusting the temperature level without getting much change in the way your home feels, it could mean that something is awry. There are several problems that can cause inefficiency in an air conditioning unit, and a technician can diagnose the exact cause in yours.

Excessive Dust and Dirt in the Air

It’s hard to feel comfortable in your home if regular dusting doesn’t seem to help get rid of the dust.  Plus, you know if you’re seeing it on your furniture and tables, you’re breathing the dust also. Part of the tune-up process includes a thorough cleaning of your AC unit, and changing the filter helping to reduce allergy symptoms.

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