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Several issues in your heat pump may keep it from doing its job efficiently here in Pasco County, FL. Keep an eye out for any indication that the system needs repairs. Four signs of an inefficient heat pump are short cycles, low air pressure, continual loud noises and a rise in your monthly bill.


Your system shouldn’t be cycling more than two or three times an hour. If it is, and if it’s not heating your home during each cycle or heating it unevenly, then you’ll want a technician to perform an inspection. Something may be causing the heat pump to overheat, or it could be that your system is too big for your home.

Diminished Airflow

If you get yearly maintenance, a professional could ensure that the heat pump blows out air at the right pressure and performs air balancing for even heating. But maybe dirt and dust build-up or a failing blower motor are causing the air to circulate weakly and create temperature differences.

Loud Sounds During Operation

Other signs of inefficiency are loud, continual banging, rattling, hissing and other noises. Each could point to a unique problem. For example, rattling may only indicate a loose part, but hissing could be the sound of refrigerant leaking from its pipe.

A Spike in Your Energy Bill

Even when you use your heat pump more during winter, you shouldn’t notice a major spike in your monthly utility bills. If it seems you’re paying more each month for the same level of performance, then something is hindering efficiency.

In the more than 31 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve worked with every type of HVAC system, including ductless and geothermal. Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., can diagnose the issue and perform the correct heat pump repair, so call us today for an appointment in Pasco County.

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