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For a central HVAC system to function efficiently, it should match the size of your house. However, you might select an undersized or oversized system for your Spring Hill, FL, home, and this error may cost you later. Below are four signs indicating that your HVAC system is the wrong size.

1. High Utility Bills

Abnormally high energy bills suggest that your HVAC system is either too small or too big for your Spring Hill, FL house. The wrong sizing causes the system to consume too much energy to maintain the desired indoor temperatures.

2. Short Cycling

When an HVAC is the improper size, it does not stay on for the right duration per cycle. This means that it turns itself on and off more times in a day. This issue happens when the system quickly lowers the temperature around the thermostat and forces itself to turn off unexpectedly.

Short cycling is harmful because it affects the indoor humidity levels and air quality. It also accelerates the wear and tear on the system as a result of running more often.

3. High Humidity in the House

Closely related to short cycling, an improperly sized HVAC unit can actually lead to an increase in your home’s humidity. If your system shuts off too quickly, it won’t have the chance to dehumidify the air it’s circulating. Smaller systems, on the other hand, simply won’t be able to dehumidify the volume of air they need to condition homes that are too big.

4. Constant Repairs

It is normal to have about two HVAC maintenance appointments in a year. During these appointments, our technicians inspect your system to determine if it’s functioning properly or not and whether it requires replacement.

However, an improperly sized HVAC needs frequent repairs and replacements. Some parts, like fans, and capacitors, degrade faster because of overworking.

In summary, an improperly sized HVAC system causes high utility bills, restarts frequently and requires frequent repairs. Contact our qualified HVAC contractors at Senica Air Conditioning for fast and reliable AC repair services.

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