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Summer is over, but here in Florida, the cooling off process is a gradual one. A remote access thermostat is a great way for you to make temperature adjustments from anywhere at any time. Here are five benefits they offer.

1.Remote Settings

Wi-Fi thermostats come with remote controls that allow you to change your home’s temperature from anywhere. A remote, smart phone, or computer will communicate with the system so that you can make sure that your home reaches your desired temperature.

2.Remote Access

If you return from vacation in the summer it will take a while for your home to cool down. Modern systems let you control your thermostat completely by remote, enabling you to turn it on and off when on a trip or at work for just the day. This prevents you from wasting energy if you forget to set your system before leaving home.

Wi-Fi thermostats can manage your settings from anywhere. Whether you turn the heat on in the morning before you get up, or make sure the air is on before you get home, you have complete control.

3. Accuracy

Wi-Fi thermostats are excellent in communicating with your HVAC system, allowing precise control over your home’s comfort. Temperatures vary in the different rooms in your home, and traditional thermostats don’t always give an exact temperature. Wi-fi thermostats are better at maintaining a set temperatore so you are always comfortable and the readings they give are incredibly accurate.

4.Temperature Alerts

Wi-Fi thermostats can alert you by phone, email, or text if the thermostat reaches a certain temperature. If a window breaks or your system has a problem, causing the temperature to rise or plummet in your home, you’ll be the first to know wherever you are.

5.Maintenance Reminders

Wi-Fi thermostats are programmed to offer maintenance reminders. Life is busy and everyone can use some help remembering to change filters or scheduling a HVAC maintenance appointment. A Wi-Fi thermostat can remind you of these important tasks.

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