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As the warm season in FL continues, your AC system could start making some strange noises as it works to keep you cool. Air conditioners make noise for a variety of reasons, so it’s not always cause for alarm. However, the following AC sounds could mean a problem for your home in Ocala, FL.


A rattling sound could mean a piece of the assembly motor or blower is loose and tumbling around. The rattling sound is from a loose piece hitting around the condenser in the outdoor unit. A technician will shut off the HVAC and check to see if there are loose components in the outdoor unit.


A screeching sound in your AC could be from the fan motor or the compressor. A loose belt around your fan motor means the screeching will be constant.

Hissing or Bubbling

If a hissing or bubbling sound is coming from your AC, the refrigerant line might be leaking. That hissing sound means that the refrigerant, which is used to cool the air, is leaking from the pressurized coils. Our NATE-Certified HVAC professionals can service your AC and fix the refrigerant leak.

Because refrigerant is toxic, a leak can be dangerous for pets and people. Issues often emerge due to leaking outdoor or indoor units and damage to the lines.


A humming sound isn’t necessarily serious, but it does signal your AC is not working properly. The sound is usually due to loose components or vibrating pipes, which you shouldn’t ignore. Humming sounds can also be the start of electrical problems as well.


An AC making a pulsating sound is usually normal, but you should not be able to hear the outside unit from inside. The outdoor unit making a loud pulsating sound means that something might have come loose. Any loose panel can make this sound, but common loose parts include fan blades or the motor.

When your AC makes weird sounds, you should waste no time in making sure it’s not serious. Some common debris that could cause sounds are seed pods, leaves, and shrub clippings clogging up components. If you or a neighbor are hearing strange AC sounds and need HVAC maintenance in Ocala, FL, call us at Senica Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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