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Around cold and flu season, it’s easy to assume your sniffles and congestion are the result of a virus. However, in many cases, it’s really Brooksville, Florida, allergens that are causing your problems. Examine your possible cold symptoms carefully to determine what’s really bothering you.

When Discomforts Linger

The persistence of your symptoms is a key indicator of whether you’re dealing with asthma and allergies or a short-term cold. If you simply have a cold, your symptoms should begin to ease within a week or two. If you find you’re simply not getting any better for a long period of time, you’re more likely dealing with symptoms of a lingering issue, such as allergens in your environment. Speak with a doctor about severe symptoms that don’t improve to make sure they’re not a sign of something more serious.

If You’re Only Ill in Some Areas

Pay close attention to when and where you’re feeling ill. Are your symptoms worse when you’re at home, or perhaps even in a particular part of the house? Maybe you’re the most uncomfortable in the office or in the car. If your congestion, itchy eyes, and other problems are notably worse in one area rather than another, you’re probably reacting to an irritant. A cold will be the same no matter where you are.

When Filtration Helps You

Consider implementing some smart filtration strategies to improve the air quality in your home if this is where you suffer the most. Start with an annual maintenance visit, especially if you’re overdue for this service. Change the air filter in your HVAC system as well. If you’re still suffering, an air cleaner or air purifier might offer the enhanced filtration you need.

If you’re suffering from symptoms that are likely the result of poor indoor air quality in your home, contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935 to discuss solutions. We offer duct cleaning, maintenance services, and other installations that will ease your asthma and allergy symptoms for better health and easier breathing in your home.

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