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Modern materials and knowledge about sealing leaks and proper insulation make for an airtight home that is energy efficient and comfortable. Airtight construction seals out leaks in your Tampa home, so that the cool air conditioning stays in and hot air stays out. There are some critics of airtight construction who say that homes need to breathe and that airtight construction can result in poor indoor air quality and moisture. While this was sometimes a problem in earlier construction, these issues can be overcome by using building materials that don’t trap moisture or leak toxic fumes. Another important component to maximize indoor air quality is a comprehensive ventilation system.

A comprehensive ventilation system allows fresh air in from an area free of fumes or pollutants that can be found in areas like a roof or garage. Unlike placing a ventilation system in a single room, a comprehensive ventilation system brings fresh air to the whole house for improved air quality.

Another potential problem with airtight homes is combustion from appliances like gas heaters. These appliances need to have their own space that is isolated from the home, and their own air supply.

An airtight home can also have problems with humidity. Excess humidity can lead to accumulated moisture and mold growth that can cause respiratory problems, irritation and allergies. A comprehensive ventilation system partially solves this problem by removing moisture and humidity before it becomes a problem. Making sure that your air conditioner is properly sized is also key to solving this problem. A system that is too large will not run long enough to remove humidity.

If you’d like your home to be both airtight and healthful, call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. With more than 20 years of experience serving the Tampa area, our highly trained and experienced technicians can check your home for leaks and solve your ventilation problems. As a Green Screened company, we understand the importance of energy conservation and can help you achieve both energy efficiency and good air quality in your home.

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