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happy family in healthy homeBecause tainted air can happen in any room in the house, improving indoor air quality on a room-by-room basis is helpful. Sources of poor indoor air quality in individual rooms can affect occupants before the air is circulated through the HVAC system and filtered. Often these are among the most utilized and occupied areas of the house as well, so allergens and irritants accumulate to higher levels and impact more people. Here’s a tour of a typical home with suggestions for reducing airborne contaminants in these targeted areas.

The Bedroom

Bedding is a magnet for dust mites that also contaminate indoor air and trigger allergies. Synthetic sheets, pillow covers, mattress covers and box spring casings are less porous than natural fabrics and resist infestation. A portable air purifier sized to the square footage of the room also helps target specific air quality issues. Breathe clean, freshly filtered air while you sleep by adjusting the A/C supply vent vanes to direct airflow over your bed.

The Kitchen

Install a spot exhaust fan to remove fumes and humidity. Regularly wipe away condensation inside the refrigerator to inhibit mold growth. Wash countertops with soapy water and don’t allow food crumbs to accumulate. Keep trash in a sealed, insect-proof container and empty daily.

The Bathroom

Run the exhaust fan to remove humidity while showering or bathing. Towel dry the shower enclosure or tub after use to suppress mold and mildew. Consider tiling wall surfaces for better mold growth resistance than paint or wallpaper.

The Basement

Take out damp, moldy carpet and replace with vinyl flooring or revert to sealed concrete. Be alert to signs of moisture infiltration through basement walls and repair promptly. To reduce chronic dampness, install a dehumidifier. If laundry equipment is installed, make sure the dryer vents to the exterior of the house.

For more information on improving indoor air quality, check out Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.’s air quality solutions or call 866-881-5935.

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