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The air conditioner in your Crystal River, Florida, home normally cycles on and off to maintain the temperature in your home. If your AC is running consistently around the clock, it could be trying to sustain the temperature or it could signify a problem.

What Does It Mean?

Your air conditioning typically cycles on and off to meet the temperature you set on your thermostat. During the hottest summer months, it might be entirely reasonable for you to hear your AC constantly running because it has a tough job to do. If your desired temperature is much different from the outside temperature, your AC has to work harder to maintain your home’s temperature. Sometimes it’s normal, but other times it means there is a problem with your air conditioner.

What Are Some of the Causes?

There are several issues and reasons why your air conditioner might run regularly. Dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks, leaky ductwork, and a broken fan could all trick your air conditioner into running constantly. When your air conditioner has a broken part, then it works continuously to try to cool your home while some part of it works against it. Also, if your air conditioner isn’t big enough for your home, it might run continually trying to keep up the temperature for a capacity it can’t accommodate.

When Should You Worry?

If it’s unusually hot out, then you shouldn’t be too concerned that your air conditioning is running all day. You may want to try to find natural ways to cool your home and help your air conditioner out. Having your air conditioner run all day, even when it’s necessary, will drive up your utility bills. If it’s not that hot out, or you notice it running for days in a row, it might be time to call in your HVAC contractor to check things out.
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