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The ability to enjoy affordable heating and cooling in Spring Hill FL is extremely important. Homeowners know that choosing a system that is reasonably priced while also offering a high energy rating will make it much easier to keep the home comfortable any time of the year. At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., our goal is to help our customers assess their situations and identify the best possible heating and cooling unit for their needs. 

Heating and Cooling System Features 

In order to focus attention on the right type of affordable heating and cooling units, it helps to define what type of features you want with the new system. One of the basic requirements has to do with the ability to keep the home comfortable any time of the year. This means the system must be large enough to handle the amount of square footage in the home. Keep in mind that you not only want a unit that can regulate the temperature; that unit must also be able to manage the humid conditions that are common in the Spring Hill FL area. 

Apart from the ability to adequately heat and cool your home, you also want a unit that can do the job for a relatively low cost. This means that while buying an affordable heating and cooling system that fits into your budget is important, you also want to pay attention to how much it will cost to operate that system in the years to come. For this reason, you want a unit that has a high SEER rating.  A SEER rating refers to the amount of cooling that your home receives in exchange for the cost of the energy consumed. When a system has a higher SEER rating, that means you receive more cooling power for a lower level of consumption. As a result, it costs less to operate the unit and still keeps the home at a comfortable temperature. 

You can also consider other features with the new unit, such as remote control of the system settings and the ability to program adjustments in the settings in advance. We can help you identify systems that are the right size for your home and include the features you have in mind. 

Air Conditioning and Heating System Discounts and Specials

At Senica Air Conditioning, Inc., we know that even an affordable heating and cooling system can put a strain on the household budget. For this reason, we offer discounts and specials on several of the systems we recommend to customers. You can take advantage of those discounts and make it much easier to afford the system that you have in mind.  Those discounts don't stop with the installation of the new system. We also offer service contracts that help keep the cost of maintenance within reason. Ask our team about the benefits associated with those contracts. We're confident that once you hear about all the benefits you receive, you'll agree that purchasing a maintenance agreement makes a lot of sense.

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