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Ductwork is an essential part of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Your furnace and air conditioner can’t get their heated or cooled air distributed throughout your home without it, so any problems can have a major effect on your home’s energy efficiency. Problems can be present right from the start if ductwork isn’t installed correctly, but even properly installed ductwork will eventually develop problems that need to be attended to.

The biggest problem that develops with aging ductwork is excessive air leakage. No tape or sealant can remain airtight forever, so air will eventually be able to escape from duct joints and seams. The duct themselves can also succumb to corrosion, rust and other factors that undermine their structural integrity and allow leaks to develop.

Ductwork tends to be mostly hidden, but most homes have some sections in an attic, a crawl space or a basement that can be inspected for leaks. Look for deterioration of the seals or any damage. You may notice steaks of dust created by leaking air.

You can also deduce that you have issues with your ductwork if you notice some of the problems they typically cause. The biggest problem ductwork issues create is poor energy efficiency, so if your system isn’t running as efficiently as it should be, ductwork issues could be the cause. In addition, issues with ductwork can interfere with airflow. Duct leaks and disconnected sections can undermine airflow to one or more rooms.  

To know for sure if your aging ductwork is in need of some attention, ask your HVAC-system professional to do a duct blower test. This test uses measurements from multiple sensors and a computer calculation to determine exactly how much leakage is occurring in your ductwork. If you need help determining the condition of your ductwork in Tampa, St. Petersburg or Clearwater home, please contact Senica Air Conditioning, Inc.. We’d be glad to help.

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