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air filter inspection 2Do you know what happens when you fail to replace the air filter in your heating and cooling system? The inside of the equipment looks like a dust bunny exploded, and that covering of dust and debris can have a real impact on how well your HVAC equipment works.

The Importance of Air Filter Replacement

The inside of your HVAC system contains sensitive equipment. The sensors, fans, blowers and coils need to be clear of dust and debris to work properly. Clogged coils, for example, can’t exchange heat efficiently, which causes the system to work harder and drives up energy bills.

If dust gets into the blower part of the HVAC system, debris can then be distributed throughout the ducts and into your home. This dust can build up on the backs of vents, restricting airflow into rooms. Dust in the ducts can also be a breeding round for mold and other bacteria.

Not only will dust and debris in the equipment increase energy use, it will also cause excessive wear and tear. This leads to more frequent repairs and can shorten the useable life of the equipment considerably.

Air Filter Replacement and Indoor Air Quality

An advanced air filter will not only protect the HVAC system from dust and debris, but it can also filter out fine particulates like pollen, dust mites and other allergens and pollutants. If the filter gets clogged, air quality will suffer as a result.

To avoid these issues, check the air filter once a month. If it’s dirty, clean or replace it. It will protect your expensive HVAC system and make your air easier to breathe at the same time.

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