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Even in Florida, the winters bring cold temperatures that require you to switch from air conditioning to heating. For heat pump owners, this means using the same appliance for a different purpose. Heat pumps act as both heaters and air conditioners, so they need maintenance twice as often. With that in mind, we’ll look at the reasons preparing your system for cooler days during our winter months is important.

Extending System Lifespan

Preventive maintenance will extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps are an investment in your home, and you want to keep it working for as long as possible. Hiring a professional to conduct twice-a-year cleanings and tune-ups can help you wring several extra years out of your heat pump. A service plan helps you maintain and prepare your heat pump before each season without breaking the bank.

Lower Utility Costs

As your heat pump runs, it incurs wear and tear that can reduce its efficiency. Regular maintenance will make sure that it contains the proper lubrication and that all the moving parts work correctly, which cuts down on the amount of energy it uses. Plus, maintenance visits cost much less than hefty repairs.

You can also conduct your own regular maintenance to reduce your utility costs and help your system run more efficiently. Make sure you replace the air filter every two or three months, for example, and vacuum your home so less dust and dirt gets swept up into your system and air ducts.

Avoid Breakdowns

When you have preventive maintenance performed on your heat pump, you avoid bigger issues that lead to breakdowns. Most heat pump problems occur because the system is under stress that it isn’t ready to handle, which often occurs when the seasons switch. Preventive maintenance helps make sure that your heat pump is prepared to handle the demand of keeping your home warm all winter long.

Instead of waiting for breakdowns to occur, make an appointment to prepare your system and call Senica Air Conditioning, Inc. at 866-881-5935.

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