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Whether you have a newly built home or a vintage property, air conditioning can consume a mind-boggling amount of energy over the course of a cooling season. Rather than relying on a central air conditioning system to cool your Ocala, Florida, home, save energy with a ductless system.

Zone Your Home

Unlike central air conditioners, ductless systems don’t need to cool your entire home. Instead, each air handler cools a zone, a small area or group of rooms in your home.

Since ductless systems only operate in designated areas, you’ll save both energy and money by installing or operating a system only where necessary. These systems are ideal for cooling parts of your home that aren’t linked to the central air system or for giving select rooms an additional boost.

Target the Rooms That Need Cooling the Most

Even after you’ve installed a ductless system, there’s no need to keep it running at full blast all the time. Instead, you can take advantage of the built-in zoning systems to target rooms that need cooling the most.

Each zone includes its own programmable thermostat, which makes saving energy a breeze. Simply program the thermostat to cool designated zones when you plan to use them, and set the thermostat to dial back the cooling power when the family will be away or asleep. Most programmable thermostats also allow for manual overrides, so you can adjust the settings as necessary.

Do Away With Ductwork

One of the largest disadvantages of central air conditioning systems is their tendency to waste up to 30 percent of the energy they generate. The vast majority of this energy loss happens as conditioned air travels through hundreds of feet of leaky ductwork.

In contrast, ductless systems do away with ductwork completely. That means they eliminate the substantial energy loss inherent in conventional systems, making ductless systems much more energy-efficient.

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